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    Eddie & Aileen

    Hi Sharon, I don’t know about Jayco but we have had to revamp most in our Keystone. The plastic guide supports at the back crack were the screws hold it to the wall ect. After replacing them several times I made a “Mod” on the guides. I took wood 1×2 furring strips and run them from the floor to the most upper guide rail and positions to the back of the guides near the plastic support in the rear. Make sure the 1×2 bottom is on the floor and put a screw in the last side hole in the upper most guide. Then do the same on all of the guides on both guides on each side of your drawers.

    Hope this helps, it did the trick for us now on 3-years now.

    Happy Trails!!!



    Our Jayco has full extension metal drawer slides, but I do notice the bottoms seem a bit loose in the grooves. No problems so far, will probably glue the bottoms to prevent future issues. No problems so far!



    The part that breaks is the plastic support that is attached to the wall that holds the metal slide that the rollers go in.  They seem to split on the underside of the plastic and then eventually the drawer drops.



    I just pulled out a drawer, mine seems to have metal supports at the rear. Mine is a 2012 28 BHS.  Are you referring to something else as there doesn’t seem to be any plastic in the mechanism apart from the glide portion that holds the little ball bearings.



    Your back brackets are Metal   The ones we have are plastic.. Wonder where to buy the ones like you have.  We don’t have ball bearings so your slides must be different than ours.  Thanks for showing me that there are metal brackets available some where



    Lee Valley Tools has an extensive selection of drawer slides and hardware, probably if you in a sample, they could match you up with something of better quality.



    Hey Ray,Disregard my most recent email,I figured it out,LOL.

    Been a long busy summer,Lost my 11 year old weiner dog CC this summer to diebetes 6 weeks ago.Never thought I’d miss her this much dang it.We still have Cooper a weinie mix and Bucky,our 11 year old Choc Lab and I don’t even want to say how many cats we have.

    Been traveling all over this summer and supposed to go up towards Kalispell next week but since I have COPD,I may put that trip off a few weeks because of the forest fires out that way.Anyone out that way let me know what the smoke is like will ya please?.

    Gonna send Ray a few mods we have been doing on the 5er this summer.Try to do that this fall.

    Hope all you folks are having a great summer and hope to see some of you this winter for sure.



    About to mount sliding drawers beneath the sink of our 2015 279rkwse and wo de ring how thick the floor is and what is beneath the cabinet under the floor.  This is in the curb side back corner of the trailer.  I will probably cut the chloroplast liner to be sure it’s clear for fasteners but wondering what to expect before I go that far.


Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)

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