Water Tank-Full or Empty

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    Slim Lundeen

    The Wandering Wagners brought up this topic and I thought I would bring it over here.  The question is do you travel with your water tank full or empty.  I travel with mine with water in it for two reasons.  One is that in an emergency if you need water, You Need Water.  The second reason is that I run at about 55% towing capacity and my rig doesn’t even notice whether it is full or empty.  Plus then if I have to make a potty stop we can flush the toilet.


    Stephen C Keller

    I keep about 10 to 15 gallon of water in the fresh water tank. Then I add when needed before setting up camp. I also carry some in back of truck and then add also.


    We travel with 1/3 tank, enough for an overnight stop or two unless headed boondocking then it’s full of course.

    Slim Lundeen

    For Boondocking, Oh Yeah.  Full Tank and more.  I carry 18 gallons in the truck in that situation.  That way I can fill the tank if I have to and maybe drive into down if I need more.


    I agree. keep it at least 1/3 full or the maximum you might use over 48 hours.  Doesn’t impact my fuel economy either.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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