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    We have found a sopping wet carpet near the rear edge of our slide after the recent torrential rain.  Had noticed a slight leak while on vacation coming from the same general location. Does anyone have experience finding these leaks? We’re not sure how to begin..


    P.S.  The slide was in at the time.


    If it was in at the time you would think it must be coming from a window or the slide seal. Should be easy to inspect the seal rubber with the slide out. If it is OK then suspect maybe the slide is out of alignment and not sealing all around. If that’s OK then I’d look at the window seals.

    Take a garden hose and blast it all around and see if you can see what area heavy water starts a leak at.

    Leaks can be hard becasue sometimes water travels in strange paths inside the wall.

    Best of luck.


    This past weekend we had the same issue. water leaked in during a heavy rainstorm. Our slides were open. When closed it didnt leak. My plan this weekend was to open the rv up and do like ray said. Have the wife hose the rv down while i look for where the leak is. My first thought was looking at the seal. I heard there is a product that you can spray on the seals to keep them soft. Camping world here says they sell the spray. From what was described to me it sounded like something like amour all. If the seals are dryed up, cracked i would just go ahead and replace them. the 5er we had in the past had some seals that were smashed up since it sat in storage for a long time and i had just replaced them. It wasnt a hard  job just a pain in the butt.


    James, The stuff I use is called Protect-All Slide Seal Treatment, makes them nice and supple and has UV protection. The slides usually have two sets of seals, an outer flat wiper and the an inner kinda round rubber seal or like on my unit it is a white sort of fridge door style seal. If it isn’t a seal it is likely the slide is out of alignment and one end isn’t quite sealing leaving a small gap. The inner seal I use baby power so the seal doesn’t stick.

    I show where I apply the stuff  in this tips video.


    James and Ray,

    Thanks for your suggestions.  We have been using seal protectant and lubricant made by Thetford for the last few years, however, our RV is ten years old and we have no idea what the previous owners did.  This leak of ours was first noticed when we removed some of the carpet and seems now to be getting worse, so we will try the hose method and see what happens.



    I think that’s the name Ray. It sounds very familiar



    When you removed the carpet was any of it under a wall? My first trailer i had we removed carpet and notice that carpet was under walls. It was like they laid the carpet down and built the walls on top.



    We didn’t remove any carpet from under a wall, in fact, we were just in the RV feeling under the facia board of the slide out  to see where it ends.  It would be nice to be able to safely remove that facia so we can see what’s there.  Nancy and I talked and we are planning to take it to a local RV guy to see if  he sees anything obvious, cuz we have no idea of what we are looking at!


    We checked everything – conclusion; the slide out is not square, the top rear corner seals are not meeting and it slopes down at the rear. We would like to adjust it ourselves, but don’t know how. We’ve been looking on-line but can’t seem to find any good info. Maybe we should bring it to the dealer? Any experience with this out there? 🙁


    It’s hard to say without knowing the type of slide, they use different mechanisms.

    The most common is a through frame electric slide and is adjusted by turning different bolts underneath when it is extended.

    Here is a manual  and you can see if  yours is similar.




    Thanks Ray,
    Our slide is a Power Gear slide. The Lippert one is similar but not exact. WE found the PG one on line and are trying to figure out how the adjustment actually works. Hope before the next rain we will have it! LOL!

    Marsha & Dewey

    How you find the problem and can fix it easily! Good luck!


    Thanks Marsha & Dewey!

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