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    I just saw a video about flushing your water heater with vinegar.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL7AtXJYNcc ( hopefully its ok to post the url here )

    does anyone else does this on a regular basis here ?


    Sure no problem. All RVing related info is welcome.

    [quote quote=36107] does anyone else does this on a regular basis here ? [/quote]

    A few post down in this same forum – http://rvhappyhour.com/forums/topic/flushing-water-heater-with-vinegar/ 🙂


    Yup. Flush the heater every fall.  Actually the whole system before I winterize.  Just finished with the new to us rig last weekend.  Won’t be going south this year…waaah!


    so do you have a system that sucks the vinegar in or do you have to take the pressure valve out in order to fill in the vinegar ?



    There is a line from the suction side of the pump with a valve and hose (after market install).  After draining the system, realign the valves and start the pump with the suction hose in the vinegar pail. Takes about 2 gallons of vinegar to fill the system which I dump into a pail.  Once about half the vinegar is in I close the cold water valve to the hot water tank and open the tank bypass valve.  You do have to bleed the air at the various taps.  Don’t forget to shut off the pump. I let the system sit for several hours then pull the anode from the hot water heater.  I have a water wand to flush out the tank.  Seems to get the calcium out of the tank.


    thanks for the info.. I dont have the pump part so I think I will need to take the pressure release valve out and put it in that way..

    one more question… do you turn the water heater on or do you just let the cold vinegar sit for hours / over night ? In the video they turned the  heater on  I believe… I ordered myself one of those borescope camera  to take a look inside the heater.


    No I don’t turn the heater on since the tank is not full. Could burn out the element.  I just let it sit there for most of the day. The calcium sediment goes to the bottom of the tank anyway.   I suppose you could use the propane if you wanted to heat the tank.


    Just noticed the time stamp of these posts – must be set for Pacific time cause its actual 6:30 here.


    thanks ray.. I thought u had one too about the topic but for some reason I didn’t see the forest for the trees …

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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