Water heater maintenance/ repair

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    Mike and Lesia

    Our 5er is new to us, we’re still learning a lot about it. Last weekend we were going to disinfect the fresh water system, I started with draining the water heater.


    Lots of scale and hard water deposits inside. The anode was well used, also.

    And the electric element was gone as well.

    We got a wand to wash the white stuff out, and then filled the tank with half vinegar, half water solution and let it heat over night. That seemed to clean it up.

    Replaced the element and anode rod, but the electric side is still not working. The thermostat is definitely bad, got a new one ordered, as well as the switch. Not sure yet if the switch is bad, but form what I gather from others,  it seems they have a habit of going bad. If these things don’t fix it, I’ll have to dig further into it.


    Wow, that’s some definite signs of hard water. 🙂


    Looks like the annual maintenance was not done.  Just went through something similar.  Hot water tank relief valve (RV) was dripping.  Figured it was probably time to replace the RV but it would not budge so refilled the tank left the heat off then popped open the RV.  Got a bit wet, ok a lot wet but when I reseated the RV it stopped dripping.  Likely some scale had gotten onto the seat of the RV so it wouldn’t shut properly.


    I need to do mine too. Since being plugged in and using the electric to heat I am noticing that it’s not really hot like when using gas. Bet the element is ate up like this one. Glad to be in a place for a couple of weeks to get all this done.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    William Uribe

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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