Water Filters?

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    What are all you full timers using to filter the RVs water system?

    I’m looking at picking up one of these for the RV. The hard water in the desert down can clog up the system pretty good. Anyone tried one? I’ve tried the little one but it reduces our flow, thought maybe this one would solve that. It’s a lot bigger.

    We usually have a drinking water jug in the RV. Back in BC the tap water is soft rain water and taste great so I fill our drinking water jug straight from the campground tap, in the US we usually fill it at the drinking water kiosks. My main concern is to block the hard water sediments without loosing pressure. I tried the little round blue filters but they seem to gum up pretty quick when used in the desert.


    I have the little round blue one too, Ray.  During all the freezing weather, I took it off and bypassed it and was AMAZED at the difference in water pressure at the indoor faucets and even the toilet.  I mean, I’d only had it on there around two months and I was drinking and cooking with bottled water.  I’m thinking now of getting my own RO system.  Getting really tired of hauling water to drink, lol

    That bigger one sure is getting good reviews, and the filter is supposed to last a “whole camping season.”  What’s that, 3 months?  🙂  It’s cheaper for the filter than the little round one, though.  I hope you do try it and it’s great!


    Ray I have one of those filters that you are looking at. I’m very pleased with ours. I hook it up on my pressure meter with the gauge on it and it seems to work fine. If I need to I can up my pressure with a turn of the screw. 


    Looks like a good fit for what you want Ray, we’ve only used the inline hose water filters to filter incoming water and they work ok.  Have not fulltimed yet so that will be different I’m sure.  I will keep an eye on this board for any information that will help. Good subject!!!!



    I’ve always used both those filters together and still have lots of the mineral deposits when I flush my HW tank. If money was no object….

    Check out   http://www.rvwaterfilterstore.com




    We use both filters on the water system. As they get clogged the water flow get lower.  Can last 1 to 3 months in most cases.  Found a great solution fo drinking and cooking water.  Berkey Travel System.  Stainless steel, sits on counter, can filter any water to a really good degree.  Just fill it from the sink.  Worth the price.  No more lugging water.  we are full time and this is great.




    Thanks for the great suggestions and advice.

    The Travel Berkey Water Purifier System looks pretty cool. I’m adding that one to my wishlist. How often do you have to change out the filters Cheryl?

    Marsha & Dewey

    We have the little blue inline filter, well be full-time soon and hate unfiltered water! Will surely have to change to something else. Thanks for the different ideas.



    These are good suggestions!  We plan to use our Brita for drinking & cooking water and will look into a better, less expensive way to filter the incoming water.  Saw a double filter hookup at a campground last summer and will check that out. It was on a frame that was set outdoors near the water hookup.

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