Wash N Wax without hose

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    Just returned from Huntington Beach State Park, SC after a week camping.  The only time I get to wash the rig is while camping, so I use Craftgate USA Wash N Wax.  Just put three cap fulls in a small bucket of water (about 1 gallon), and two microfiber towels.  One towel goes into the bucket, use it wipe away the mud, dirt, etc, and the other to buff the haze.  I did the 5th wheel over 5 days (not working hard here on vacation), and the truck in one sitting.  Can be used on all surfaces, (glass, fiber glass, plastic, etc).  Here is a picture of my truck, it poured down rain right after we drop the 5th wheel at storage.  The truck is a 2001, and gets washed once to twice a year.




    Wow!  Beady!!

    Julie Gramoll

    Does this take care of your black streaks too or do you use something else for those?


    Doesn’t do much with the black streaks, does help keep them away.  Best stuff I have seen for black streaks, is sticker remover (in spray can).  DON”T spry on directly, but onto a paper towel.

    Don’t use on deals or on the metal skirting.  Make sure you wash the area immediately after.   I use Wash N Wax or Aquanil-X from Croftgate USA, both are water-less wash and wax.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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