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    Barry Willis

    Hi Ray. I am curious about your take on the new unlimited phone plans?  It seems like you could turn your phones hot spot on for internet access.  Wouldn’t this make boondocking if you have a cell booster?  I wonder if anyone has experience with this?


    I think if you delve deeper you’ll find fine print that says unlimited but throttles after a set amount of useful 4G data and then you get slow 2G until plan renews.

    So unlimited data but at what speed is the key. Also, some most will not give unlimited hot spotting, and will have a cap for that.

    We are Canadain so can’t really sign up for US plans so buy ours pay as we go. We do have an unlimited plan from a Canadian provider reselling T-mobile.

    50 bucks a month unlimited text and phone calls, US and Canada plus unlimited 2G data and 4 gigs a month of 4G data.

    Some lucky folks have grandfathered in Verizon true unlimited but I believe they are trying to shut that down. Some buy it on Ebay for a large upfront cost and hope it keeps going.

    Other carriers are offering unlimited data to certain things like streaming video. I imagine big changes are likely brewing now that the new US administration is deregulating lots of stuff. Could be good or bad for the consumer, time will tell.

    Slim Lundeen

    I hate to send people other places, but Chris and Cherie over at Technomadia/RV Internet do real good at delving into and explaining all the plans.  They are a great resource.  From what I have heard AT&T has the best deal for streaming to your phone but nobody has a great mobile hotspot deal for streaming.  With an adapter though you can go from, in my case, the Lightening connector on my iPhone to the HDMI adapter on my TV.  It’s still streaming to my phone but I am watching on my TV.  Haven’t jumped on a plan yet because I don’t know if I am going to go with AT&T with their deal on Direct TV or stick with Verizon where I have been forever.  There are a lot of variables to wade through.

    Stephen C Keller

    Looking at all the different plans being offered whether prepay or contract Verizon is covering the most areas. But if one looks further there are a few companies that are offering wifi for those who travel and not necessarily have a one “home spot” to use. There is a company out of Illinois and I believe New Hampshire that offers some real good internet availability over 4G. But have seen others being offered also. As crazy as it may seem, do look at everything you can find before making a decision. We are using Verizon prepaid and our state available Iwireless, T-Mobile affiliate, which surprisingly has really good coverage like Verizon except it is GSM.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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