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    Walt & Vicky Davis

    I have a 26 foot Puma travel trailer.  Nice rig, but having trouble figuring out where to put a bank of batteries for boon docking when I go full time.  The single battery it comes with is located just behind the propane tanks.  That location doesn’t lend itself to 3 or 4 batteries plus associated panel gear.  So I am looking at the back bumper.  It is very solid and should hold a narrow platform on which I could put a battery box big enough for 4 golf cart batteries.  Another plus is that my breaker box, batt charger, etc is at the rear of the trailer within 5 feet of the bumper.  (yes,  I currently have a very inefficient 15 foot run of cable).  My question to you all is:  what would the drawbacks be on using the back bumper for battery storage?  I can’t say I have seen anyone with this set up before.  Would the inevitable bumps tear it all apart?  Of course there are always bumps, but they would be magnified on the back bumper, I think.  Otherwise I think my only option would be to relocate the propane….which I would rather not do.  We do have a nice size pass through between the hitch and first door, but will need all of it for living essentials.  Other than that, I don’t really have any storage anywhere else.  Thoughts, anyone?

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    Hey guys, have you seen what Eddie did here? Looks like it might work.

    Stephen C Keller

    They also sell longer boxes that will go across the front. Seen a couple guys add to the frame in order to install a battery box that was as wide as the trailer. They were able to add 6-6 volt golf cart batteries which allowed them to boondock. They added solar also which kept the batteries charged as long as they had sun.

    Kent V. W.

    Well, you know what they say about “opinions” but here’s mine.. I run a 24′ Keystone TT and have 2 golf cart batteries mounted between the frame rails like your set-up – behind my propane tanks. (They more than meet my electrical needs. I could go about 4 days of no charging with my usage if I started with fully charged batteries.)

    Anyway, I would not want that much weight that far behind the trailer axles. (Mine are 58lbs each.) Also, I have a bike rack bolted to the upright for the spare mounted to my back bumper and have a bit of rotational twist of the bumper just with that. Id probably run with something like Stephen mentioned and then get the best Equalizer/Sway bars available and correctly sized for the added tongue weight. ( I couldn’t see what Eddie came up with since I don’t FB so can’t comment other than to say I’m sure it was good for whatever the application was.)

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    Walt & Vicky Davis

    Thanks, Kent and Stephen, The weight that far back is definitely concerning to me.  I think i will have to find a way to make it work where it is.

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