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    Here is an infographic I made with some basic tips

    Anyone have some to add? Love to hear them

    Roger & Pam Spencer

    Ray, you might add how important it is to keep your load level devise (hitch) adjusted properly to balance your tongue weight equally between your front and rear axles of the tow vehicle.  Probably more so with a trailer than a 5er.  Too much weight on the rear axle can result in not enough on the front axle of your tow vehicle.  This will result in a actual lack of steering control as front is trying to ‘lift’ from the road.  In hilly or mountainous driving it can result in total lack of control on downhill curves, and out on the flatlands in the wind can cause you to become completely weary after just a few hours of fighting the wander caused by winds.  Not to say anything about your lack of nighttime vision with the headlights  pointed up in the air.)  😉  Experience.  It’s very important to have your tow vehicle leveled equally and your hitch  ‘straight’ to the trailer, and with the trailer sitting in a level configuration (which also aids in braking and turning).   Do yourself (and others) a favor, in safety as well as comfort.   Thanks,  Roger


    Great tips Roger, good advice, having a proper setup can make a world of difference.

    Thanks for the input

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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