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    Hello! We are preparing for a 5 year road trip. We are looking at the  Montana 3950BR  with a shipping weight of 13140 and CCC of 3745 and Cedar Creek 37mbh uvw of 12620 and CCC 3515.

    My question is what size rig would do the job? I have been currently looking at minimum year range 2015 3500 hd diesel but wondering if 2500 would work too.  i’m not opposed to ford just never owned one… Thoughts and suggestions?

    Stephen C Keller

    I can only say what my personal experience has been. I would go with a dual wheel tonner. In the end you will be much happier with the ride and towing power. As far as which brand that is what ever meets your needs. Look at all of them and research each one before making a decision. I have noticed many Dodges out on the highways but also seen just as many Fords or GM products. I have a Chevrolet Tonner crew cab. Reason was because I was able to get it for the price I wanted to pay.  Good Luck in your search.


    it has been my expereance that you need a higher tow rating than the trailer weight . this gives you more power and stability


    You can never have too much truck but you can certainly have too much trailer. In our 7 years as full-timers the general consensus among RV’ers  we’ve met and RV forums I follow is select your trailer first then a truck that has a capable GVWR. Also for trailers longer than 30′ a dually is recommended for better handling and stability. Another thing to keep in mind is RV manufacturers will supply the cheapest tires they can legally get away with. My first upgrade would be better tires and a tire pressure/temperature monitoring system.

    Good luck and happy trails!


    An F-350 DRW with firestone air bags.

    Slim Lundeen

    Nowadays it is hard to buy a bad truck if you shop wisely.  Dodge, Ford, and GM all put out great products.  My GMC seems to not have all the fancy stuff that the Fords do but I personally don’t need it.  Like Steve and Diane said you can never have too much truck.  My 2015 GMC Sierra with the DA package has a good towing capacity.  With my rig, I am running at 55% towing capacity even with my trailer maxed packed.  And I am not even close to that.  Yeah the mileage suffers a little but I have no problem pulling up any hill that I have encountered.  And for that I am Grateful.

    Good Luck and Shop Wisely


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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