Top 10 Southwest RV Boondocking Questions

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    My wife Anne and I both adore visiting the US southwest desert region each winter. We love the snowbird lifestyle enjoying the plentiful sunshine, warm temps and meeting up with our fellow RVing friends. There is no lack of terrific photography and hiking opportunities and gorgeous scenery to explore.

    Over the years we have embraced boondocking or as some call it dispersed camping without hookups or services. Basically, just you and your RV self-contained in the wild. With boondocking, we find peace and quiet with ample elbow room. It’s also for the most part free or extremely cheap. For us, every penny counts. Keeping things frugal keeps us in the fulltime RV lifestyle.

    Of course, folks see my photos and videos of the remarkable places we are boondocking at and are curious. As the blog has grown and more and more articles are about our boondocking adventures questions have poured in. I thought it a good time to publish a post answering the most common inquiries.

    Slim Lundeen

    OK that was a great post with a lot of information.  The question of water and garbage have always concerned me but your advice assures me that I will learn.  That’s if Tilly ever gets here.  Daggone winter snow!!

    Slim Lundeen

    Just read the blog post and great suggestions.  My two faves are Campendium like you and RV Park Review for pay place.  Maybe we should encourage everyone to add their sites to the site and increase the knowledge.  Love the GPS coordinates.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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