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    is it that says alot about pride in their work.. when I took the old waterpump out I saw something stuck in the prump strainer turns out it was all the drill  shavings from the water tank. I guess maybe flushing the tank out after you drilled the holes is too much too ask.. I wonder if thats the reason why the pump sounded weird  and caused it early demise


    then when I took the pump out I saw that someone was in a rush to get the pump screwed in and missed the hole by a bit

    I see more and more stuff like this the more I do myself..  we always like THOR floorplans but I am not sure I want to buy another one

    Justin & Stacy

    The sad part is that it is not just one manufacture or price range. It is pretty ridiculous that we have just come to accept it. Have you pulled a vent or light and looked at the debris left in the ceiling or looked under the cabinets in the galley area?

    I was behind the basement wall of my trailer in the utility area and I think someone dropped a box of screws.



    true.. I totally forgot about the debris when I replaced the lights with LEDs not sure why they dont have shopvacs


    I recently did an interview for the YouTube channel and they told me that they like to buy from small companies “mom and pop” if you will.  They said they build  better quality and are not in a rush to get to the dealers.  The larger companies have quotas to meet and are less connected to the end buyer.  They fill the assembly line and move em out fast.  Knowing that their end dealer will fix the missed stuff.  Not sure if others have found this to be true?


    Indeed, was sure frustrating the first year for our new rig.  Spent  a lot of time in the shop.  Our dealer did take care of everything, but still wish there was just  better quality control from the manufacturer.

    Funny now being locked out of our rig on first trip as the lock set failed.  3  hour wait for a locksmith to come and essentially destroy the lock set.  Manufacturer overnighted new and I installed.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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