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    This all came out of a post in the HDT forum where someone fueled at the wrong pump and got issued a $1000.00 fine.

    From an Escapee e-mail:

    Diesel Fueling in Arizona
    Message from Jim Koca, Advocacy Director

    Arizona fuel-tax rates are different from what we may be used to while traveling throughout the United States. This fuel law has been on the books for several years. The law states:

    The Arizona tax on gasoline (motor vehicle fuel) is 18 cents per gallon. Use fuel (diesel) is taxed at two rates in Arizona.
    -If the use fuel is used in the propulsion of a use class motor vehicle on a highway in this state, the tax rate is 26 cents for each gallon.

    -A “use class motor vehicle” means a motor vehicle that uses use fuel on a highway in this state and that is a road tractor, truck tractor, truck or passenger carrying vehicle having a declared gross vehicle weight of more than 26,000 pounds or having more than two axles.

    I talked to the Revenue & Fuel Tax Administration Fuel Tax Manager in Phoenix, Az, and asked for the definition of the “passenger carrying vehicle” and he stated that would include a motor home. What this means is those who have a vehicle that has three or more axles or a declared gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001+ lbs are required to use the truck lanes and pay the higher fuel tax.

    The regular diesel tax is 18 cents. Filling the RV at the regular pumps will subject you to a citation with a steep fine. Arizona has a Fuel Tax Evasion Unit that monitors the filling of vehicles at fuel stations.

    Escapees feel that this information should be sent out to all of the members that travel through Arizona.

    I would like to thank all of the members who have sent in this information to Headquarters so that we could investigate this issue.


    Original link.


    WOW! That stinks!! ūüė°


    I know, right?  I had no idea!  That coulda been me!!!

    Dan Huhn

    Thats just wrong Diesel should be cheeper than gas anyways then to add different taxes for differnet GVW  I guess thats there answer to everything more taxes.


    I heard that this was misinformation and was retracted. However I’m not sure which is true.

    Safe travels!


    Really need to look into this.  We are planning on doing AZ next winter.


    Came across this article.

    From it looks like there isn’t much to worry about for most RV folks.

    For motorhomes, Arizona DOT’s Kent pointed us to a 2004 agency policy memo, number 13.2.3. Boiled down, the policy says as long as a motorhome has at least four of the following items, it is exempt from “use class” (and higher fuel taxes). Those items include:

    “A cooking facility with an on-board fuel source,
    “A gas or electric refrigerator
    “A toilet with exterior evacuation
    “A heating or air-conditioning system with an on-board power or fuel source separate from the vehicle engine
    “A portable water supply system that includes at least a sink, a faucet and a water tank with an exterior service supply connection
    “A 110-125 volt electric power supply”

    If you’ve got at least four of those things, even if your motorhome has a weight rating of more than 26,000 pounds and/or more than three axles, your rig is NOT a “use class” motor vehicle, and thus does NOT have to pay the higher fuel tax rate. One last detail: For your motorhome to meet the ‘lower fuel tax use OK’ test, it must be used for recreational purposes. If used for commercial purposes, once you hit over 26,000 pounds and/or more than two axles, you are stuck paying the higher tax rate.

    Dan Huhn

    good article Ray from the looks of it the taxes are for commercial vehicles not recreational.

    Margo Schabel

    Might be a good thing to print that out for those who go into AZ, just in case. ¬†Thats a big fine.¬† ūüôĀ


    Woo hoo!  YAY!!!  Thanks Ray!


    Now that’s beginning to smell better! Thanks for the update!! :good:


    Nothing to print out it is simple to buy diesel in Az. If you pull to a semi truck fuel station you will pay fuel tax at the pump. I believe its 8 cents a gallon right now. If you pull into the rv section to fuel up the tax isn’t on the pump. Rv’s do not have to pay the fuel tax. The fuel tax at the semi truck pumps is for road and fuel taxes that commercial vehicles’ are supposed to pay.

    So if your in Az and you need fuel go to the rv section or the car section to get your diesel. Unless you want to pay 8 cents more per gallon. When I am heading into Ca from AZ I always fuel up in Quartize. If I keep my foot off the pedal I wont need to purchase much to get back into AZ. Ca is higher so I usually pump enough to get me back to Quartize.

    I always squeeze into the RV section/ car section. I always try to stay away from the commercial vehicle¬†pumps so¬†they have the room to move around. Wife says I can be aggressive¬†at the fuel pumps, I always tell her I have the right to purchase fuel there, if they don’t like it they can go around me. Remember to always smile and wave.

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