Sunset Photography Hike in Organ Pipe

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    In this video, I head out just before sunset for a little hike and photography near Twin Peaks Campground in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

    I follow the Palo Verde trail a short way from the campground towards the visitor center stopping at a previously scouted out location of photo taking.

    I explain why I like the location and move about taking photos with various compositions as the lighting changes with the setting sun.

    The location is rich with cacti ranging from Cholla, Organ Pipe and tall Saguaros. In the background lighting up beautifully in the low sun is the Little Ajo mountain range.

    Near the end of the video is a slide show of photos taken with both my new Sony AX53 camcorder and my older Sony NEX5R mirrorless still camera.

    Finally, the video ends with a time-lapse sunset sequence from the next night. The sky lit up with a fiery display from nature.

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