Spaceport RV Park, Mojave CA

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    Spaceport RV Park

    We use this little RV park as a cheap stopover point when headed south or north during snowbird season. $20 cash a night for full hookups. It’s right beside Mojave Airport called the Spaceport because that’s where they developed the

    SpaceShipOne which won the X prize for gong into space

    There are always really cool planes zipping about, some from the nearby Edwards Air force base.

    The park is kinda run down and is just dirt but it’s a convenient easy in easy out stopover point on the long  journey.


    You are right up the road from us! We are in Tehachapi, were up by Red Rock State Park earlier today, on a new friend’s property digging for gold!  Yesterday, we were digging fossils. Tomorrow, we will be arriving to Palm Springs.  You arriving tomorrow as planned, also?

    BTW, there is a $13.25 FHU rv park in Mojave if using Passport America.


    Sounds fun, I’ve heard there is some nice boondocking up Red Rock way. We will be in Palm Springs today. 🙂 Look for the big blue truck.  Thanks for the tip on the passport america park, will have to check it out on the way back through.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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