Snowbird Insurance.

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    Peter & Suzanne

    We’re leaving from New Brunswick Canada the week after next for our first Snowbird trip south. My question is, at 67 yo and with a few meds I am in great shape with no real pre-existing health issues. Is $2 million per person enough coverage. Love to hear what experienced travelers think is safe. Thanks


    We use BCAA. I looked at our policy and it says 10,000,000. We pay roughly a 1000 bucks for 6 months, I’m around 450 and Anne 550, she has a few preexisting.

    Not sure what is a safe amount so went with the max, I don’t think it was that much more. what I did do, was up the deductible to $1000, since I’d rather not use it for minor ailments.

    Cheers, Ray

    Curious by Nature

    Last season, we used Medipac, as we were turned down by several companies. Our premium was $4000.00, $1000.00 deductible, as Sue had several pre-existing conditions. This season, we couldn’t get insurance as we both now have health issues, and Sue’s health conditions have worsened. We are pretty well stuck in Alberta unless we we want to risk what we have left.

    Thankfully, we have clear title on our house!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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