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    Jim Streeter

    The rubber seal on the slide out, when extended, does not touch when the room is extended.  There is about a 1/4″ gap between the rubber and the wall of the slide out.  It is only on the bottom section of the room.  Any suggestions about fixing it?  I do not appear to have any rain water going past the gap.  Thanks,  Jim


    Just a guess but it may be out of adjustment. If you can find the service manual you may be able to readjust it.

    Not sure what type of room you have but here is an example manual.

    Check out page 15

    Jim Streeter

    Thanks Ray, I checked further and the side of the room is bowed in the 1/4 on the bottom half of the slide out  room so I believe that this if why it is not touching.  It is the wiper seal that is not touching.  I do not know if there is rubber strips that I can add over the wiper seal to extend it slightly.  I believe the wiper seal is there to wipe off rain from coming inside when the room is retracted but it still makes me nervous.  thanks for the reply. Jim

    Stephen C Keller

    Here are 2 links that may be of use. One is about slideout seal repair and the other is a PDF catalog of seals available. I di have the catalog and found that you can order seals that would replace the ones you have and will close off where the seals are not wiping.

    By doing a google search you can find many different places to get the seals from. I replaced mine do the same thing where the wiper was not contacting the sides till the slide out was almost back in close position or when all the way out. It is easier than one believes to replace.

    Good Luck  :bye:

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