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    In the spring of 2011 and 2012 when returning to pick up our rig after being in storage for a few weeks we found the bedroom slider was out about 16″. Hmmm…has somebody been operating their remote controller on their slides and it moved ours? Then this last spring while returning north to Canada Steve noticed that the bedroom slider had crept out a couple of inches while driving…Yikes! It now required us to stop every 1 1/2 hours to put the slider back in. We decided that on our way north we would return to Guaranty RV in Junction City, OR…they had done some maintenance for us after the RV Dreams Fall Rally last year. They diagnosed a faulty hydraulic pump and of course didn’t stock it so we decided to have it fixed when we returned to Canada. Prior to leaving on our Alaska trip we took it to Fraserway RV in Abbottsford. When I made the appointment I told them that I already had a diagnoses of a faulty pump. I was told that if they didn’t do their own diagnoses that I would be responsible for the cost if that wasn’t the problem. (We have an Extended Warranty for this) They also made the same diagnoses and, of course, didn’t stock the pump. We were given a delivery of 4-6 weeks! That meant that we would have to cancel our trip to Alaska so we had them Air X it at our cost $453.00! When we returned to pick it up after the repairs we found that the slider had crept out about an inch. I was livid!  We were told that at this point there was nothing else that they could do so go on your trip to Alaska and they would deal with it when we returned. In the meantime Steve emailed Lippert the manufacturer of the system for their input and was it possible that the new pump was faulty. They said that that was unlikely and sent the following info for testing… Hydraulic Cylinder Test   During our trip north, we were having to stop every hour to put the slider in. At least we were getting some exercise!

    After many hours and 18 different pressure tests Fraserway RV diagnosed a faulty hydraulic ram in the large slide. Delivery again was 4-6 weeks! Steve explained to the girl in the service dept. that we paid $453.00 Air X for a hydraulic pump that your techs diagnosed as the fault and it made no difference, so in all fairness they should pick up Air X on this part. If we have to wait another 4-6 weeks that will put us into the possibility of dangerous snowy driving conditions heading south. She checked with the service manager and he said no way as they already had too many hours into this job that wasn’t covered by the extended warranty. Okay…no more “Mr. Nice Guy”…I’m going to the top. I placed a call to the general manager, however he was at an RV Show so his assistant said she would have the service manager call me. The squeaky wheel got the grease! The part was expedited via ground by the end of the following week and our bill was $0.00. When we dropped the trailer off at Fraserway September 19 we expected two weeks to get the slider issue taken care of…it took almost four, so hopefully that is the end of our slider creep problem. So far it’s staying closed.

    Safe travels!

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