Shower trap comes lose

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    Jim Streeter

    I was dewinterizing the trailer and notice water coming out underneath the trailer.  I unscrewed the bolts holding the plastic cardboard in that area, which is just under the shower, and found the insulation dripping wet.  It only drips when I run the shower.  So I took off the wood plate exposing the shower trap and found the insulation was soaked under the trap.  Trying to see if there was a crack in the trap with a mirror, one end of the trap came lose.  This was the end coming down from the shower plate.  I loosened the other end of the trap and took it out.  I can not feel any cracks around the tube coming down from the shower grate and the trap does not seem to have any cracks.  Will get new compression gaskets and put it all back together, just need some suggestions on how to dry out the insulation and has anyone else had this problem.


    Yes, I had a problem with my shower trap as well. I ended up cutting a section out of the drain line and extending my drain line so it was not pulling on the shower drain when I connected to the drain line. Also I used new compression gaskets and thread sealant with Teflon.

    This is a link to Amazon. But you can find it at almost any hardware store.

    I have had no more problems with it leaking.

    Jim Streeter

    James, thanks for the information.  Not much room to work with so I went and got a new compression gasket and put it back together.  Will have to remember the thread sealant.  Thanks again, hate having things go wrong just before a month long trip.  Jim

    Terry McDonald

    Jim, I don’t have any issues with my shower but I noticed some small drips coming out of the plastic covering the bottom of my RV.  I removed enough of it to see that I has a leak on my grey water waste valve.

    I dropped most of the front section of the plastic to check everything out and get the water out of the fiberglass.

    I queried the users of my brand of RV (Glendale Titanium) I got the suggestion to just rip out all of the fiberglass (as it will never be a effective after getting wet) and replace it with rigid foam boards that have a higher “R” value and do not retain moisture.

    Also the factory had run a heating duct into the space between the black and grey tanks for cold weather operation. If yours has something similar then running the heater on fan only would help.

    Jim Streeter

    Terry, thanks for the information-good tip about the foam board.  Still damp under the trap but no water comes out from under the trailer.  Going on a month long trip and will use the heater a lot so hope that it dries things out.  Frustrating to find this type of problem but comforting knowing that I am not alone.  To take the plastic cardboard off the under side I would have to take the entire piece that covers all holding tanks and work around gas lines on both side, not ready to tackle that yet.  thanks again for you thoughts and experiences.  Jim

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