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    Hello folks,

    I’ve run into a little dilemma that I was hoping you might be able to help with.

    My stock sewer hose compartment is very small and will not accommodate a hose like a rhino or dominator, but rather a cheapy stock hose.  Since my rig is a toy hauler, I’m very short on storage space and I only have a basement.  I’m tryting to think of some different options to mount something to the undercarriage to solve this problem  :scratch: .


    I tried attaching a short video to help illustrate, however, it’s not supported for some reason.   Therefore, I have added a link below to the video so you folks can see what I have.  I welcome any suggestions/thoughts/comments/ideas that you folks might have.

    Safe Travels!



    Maybe a PVC pipe running side to side under the rig. I saw some bolts under there that would be good to use for some hanger hardware.

    Something like this might do the trick-

    RVHH Chief Cook and Bottle Washer -


    Ray, that’s kind of what I was thinking as well.  Of course, being new to this, I wanted so outside input.  Last thing I want to do is cut or mod into a brand new rig and regret it  ;-)

    I’m thinking of cutting out that stock holder and then either making (or purchasing) the valterra holder and tapping into the I-Beam with some tap screws. and using some radiator clamps to add some extra support.


    Look at these links and see if this might work for you. Yes it is build your own and this is from a big box store near me and in the mid west but Home Depot and other stores do have these. Maybe you can come up with something that can mount from one side to the other and yet will have what you need.


    The pipes from the Big Box store are schedule 40 and much thicker so they would stand up to rough treatment better. You could also mount from one side to the other in front of the spare tire where it would be easier to retrieve the hose and place it back in and hopefully not need to lay on the ground. It also comes in different sizes so you can size it for best size. Just a thought. This is what I have done and it sure beats what was placed on mine when I got it for storage tube.

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    Thanks Stephen.  I really appreciate the insight.  I will definitely tale a look.  This wil; give me some reading material this evening.


    The only thing that worries me (and the video doesn’t shot it too well) about mounting across the front tire is the position of the fuel tank.  I will have to take some measurements and see what space I have to play with given the tank, wires, pump, etc.


    I’m not the most “Mr Wizard” person when it comes to this kind of stuff, so I appreciate all the thoughts that you folks have because I sure can’t think of this stuff. The good Lord didn’t bless me with ingenuity  B-)


    I made one of these, it was easy to do.I liked that it was a drawer type affair, the hose slides in and out in a tray. It’s a square plastic fence post, with plastic gutter inside.


    sewer hose storagestorage 2

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    Thanks for the picture Mike, I like your idea plus it can be used to hold the hose from tank to inlet of dump site.


    This is the route I have been leaning.  I’ve seen these around the net and was going to do some measuring on my rig once the weather breaks here in Colorado.

    I’ve seen rigs with 3 or 4 of them holding not only the sewer hose and extensions, but also separate compartments each for potable water hose, grey water hose, etc.   I even wonder if something like this could support my 50AMP cord!?! :scratch:

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