Seven Boneheaded RVing Mistakes Made

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    Folks seemed to love my 5 Stupid Things I Have Done To Damage My RV  with over 200,000 views on YouTube so I have released my sequel  – Seven Boneheaded RVing Mistakes Made  :wacko:   😆

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    Wonderful!!  Keep the video’s coming Ray.  I always learn something from them.


    Ray you do a good job on the videos, please keep them coming



    I can’t get it to load  🙁


    [quote quote=8144]I can’t get it to load :( [/quote]

    Thanks for catching that Melody, looks like the link was messed up, should work now 🙂


    Yup, works great now! Thanks.  There are so many things to deal with when setting up and breaking down that we find a checklist to be very helpful. Ours is laminated so we can use a dry erase marker to check off and use again and again! 🙂


    I like the idea of having the check list laminated so you can use it over and over.


    We use an app on our Ipad called RV Checklist.

    It comes with some basic checklists which you can customize to suit your lifestyle and rig.

    Before we depart Anne goes through our checklist on the Ipad.


    My recent bonehead mistakes where. Pulled BB(RV) out to clean her up before road trip.  I put up antenna to clean under it. After BB dried off and I also UV’d the roof and slide-outs, I started backing it up under cover and heard this crackling noise. Stopped and got out to look and seen nothing. After putting here up I went in house to order some supplies from Camping world account its 60 miles away. Well as I’m strolling through the supplies I see a antenna.  Ting, opps that was the antenna I heard. Yep hanging from the rafters of the rv garage was what was left of the antenna. Luckily it did no roof damage.

    We go off this past weekend and as we prepare to come home we  walked around BB twice and inside looked around account we have left stuff in way of slide out before as they retract. Well hid under the edge of comforter was a once used wooden box that was a trash can. Mom and Dad used it I hated to get rid of it account of that. well it caught the corner of bed and broke the molding off. Luckily fixable.

    Third and last, Wife is getting ready for work and she goes outside to crank her car and she hears a noise at BB. We left to heat on. Dang It.

    So a check-list is needed for these two old farts. And dbl check-it too.

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    Thanks for sharing Lola and Rush. Stuff happens.  😉

    Yesterday I watched a trailer pull out with the antenna up, very common one.

    A bunch of other people are nailing curbs left and right in this casino parking lot.

    Another trailer was dragging his rear landing stabilizers. By the looks of it the rear corner had been hit at some point and it must have made his power switch flaky and lowered them while driving away. Poor guy squished one pretty good leaving the parking area. Of course the it was pouring rain at the time.


    I too, use the App.  Somewhere I came across a guy who sells slap bands that you put on the steering wheel that have reminders on them, eg “Vent”, “Antenna”, etc.  The ones he was selling didn’t have reminders for some of the mistakes I was commonly making so I bought some for dirt cheap and used a labeler (although felt tip would work) and made up my own.  I use the faithfully.

    You can check for them at kids toys store or search online.  I just found this site:

    These can be cut to size for your steering wheel.

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