RVLOCK Keyless Entry Door Handle Install and Review

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    See full blog post – http://www.loveyourrv.com/rvlock-keyless-entry-door-handle-install-review/

    In this video, I install my new RVLock Anne gave me as a Christmas present. She purchased it from the company website at https://www.rvlock.com/collections/frontpage/products/rvlock-v4-0-w-integrated-keypad-for-rvs

    The install is quick and simple. Converting the RV entrance door handle and lock to a keyless entry system.

    I show you the installation and discuss some of the pros and cons as I see them early on. I’ll come back with a video in the summer to update my review.


    Nice review. It will be interesting to see how it looks after a bit of sunlight oxidation. Kind of expensive for just starting out, but like the keyless security. No more hiding the key. :bye:


    Stephen C Keller

    Like the video and am waiting for the review after you use it for a while. Like the idea and again something I would be interested it. Thanks again


    Eddie & Aileen

    Nice job Ray! :good:

    Happy trails!!!


    I remember when we visited the DDD’s at AZ. Eddie was installing a system and the owner Tom who unfortunately has passed bought the lock. We broke the instructions out and installed it. Funny how a little thing like a door lock brings back memories of Our lost friend. Sure wish you could have meet him Ray his was a true boondocker too. Be Safe.

    Mike and Lesia

    Thanks for showing this lock. We got one, and I installed it today. I think it took longer to read the instructions than to actually install.  After installing, programming the fob and keypad was even more time consuming.

    I now have 2 fobs on my keychain, one for the truck, other for the trailer door. With tv’s, dvd’s, cable boxes, etc. the remotes can be combined into one unit. Is there a way to do this with key fobs?


    I’m not sure on that one. But I find I don’t use the fob much at all. I can’t be bothered to carry it around.  I can lock the door easily by holding the lock key for a few seconds and then the unlock is quick 4 numbers. I just leave the fob in the truck.


    We have one I installed just over a year ago and overall like the convenience of it,  Here is my mini review;


    1. Easy and quick to install.
    2. Much more convenient than keys, though I do tend to carry the fob and have found it useful in some situations.


    1. Since leaving Phoenix, AZ for the east coast with high humidity and more rain, where Lin An has had travel nurse jobs, I have noticed the screws provided to secure the lock from the inside, have rusted.
    2. The key pad only lights up when you depress a key which kind of sucks since in the dark one cannot read the numbers.  This is one scenario where I have found carrying the fob helps as I can unlock with the press of the unlock button and do not need light to see it.

    Overall we like it and when we purchase our next rig, will get another if the rig does not come with one.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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