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    This blog is a collection of posts from other blogs. It’s a nice way to find other RV blogs to read. 🙂


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    RV Stories is a page intended to bring stories of people RVing around the country all into one place. Many people share their stories on the internet and hopefully we will post some of the better stories with links to go to their websites.

    Some may think, aren’t you just re-posting others’ content? I think of it as pointing to others’ pages. I don’t want to copy the travel diaries of other people, I want to highlight the travels.

    I read a bunch of blogs of people RVing. I enjoy them. When looking at the posts, I try and focus on the posts that specifically have to do with travel and RVing. I think there are like minded RV people that get revved up when reading about other people RVing.</dd></dl>

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