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    I sent the following letter to the Shade Pro website “contact us” site 5 days ago and have had no responce from them. It was reworded slightly as it was directed to them but the content was exactly the same.

    I made an appointment through the owner of Shade Pro Mike at their booth in Quartzsite, AZ.  last January 16th to have our awning material and motor replaced. I gave him the make and length of our awning on our Montana 5th wheel, one of the most common RV’s on the road. The following week the service tech shows up with a 2 piece awning instead of a 1 piece. I was never asked if ours was a 1 or a 2 piece awning. The service tech got on the phone and said that they needed material for a 1 piece 9100 and was told that it would have to be made and it would be about a week. He also quoted $499 for a new motor but said another option was a used motor for $100. I said I would go with a used one.

    More than a week went by with no phone call so I stopped at their booth again and spoke to a lady. She said the material wasn’t in yet and that it would be the first week in February. After again hearing nothing into the second week of February I phoned on the 10th and the customer service rep said he didn’t show anything about the material and motor but showed our appointment was for 9 am February, 14th. Just to be certain there wasn’t going to be another screw up I phoned again on the 13th and spoke with the same fellow. He assured me that everything was ready for my appointment the next day.

    A different service tech shows up, again with the wrong awning material! He also told me the motors are $799 and that they don’t carry or sell used motors! He checks his computer and doesn’t find anything that was ordered with the first service tech. He’s pissed and I’m pissed so he gets on the phone to clear things up. He enters a new order and prints me out an installation order for the following Saturday at 9 am on the 18th.

    As it turned out the 18th was a stormy day so we were expecting the courtesy of a phone call to reschedule. As of the 27th we’ve yet to hear anything from Shade Pro. Never before in 7 years of full time RVing have I dealt with such an incompetent company!



    What a bunch of bozos! Thanks for the heads up.


    No kidding Ray. I usually check RVServiceReviews.com first and they were rated as excellent so I don’t get my poor experience with them.

    How about an “RV Service Review” on a forum or group on your site?


    [quote quote=44129]
    How about an “RV Service Review” on a forum or group on your site?

    Good idea! I changed the name of an existing forum Helpful RVing Services to RV Service Reviews and move this post over.

    Have you done a post on your blog about this? If so let me know the link and I’ll share it around my social channels.


    Sweet…thanks Ray!

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