RV Lock – Toning Down the Annoying Loud Beeps

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    In this video, I take apart my new RV Lock Keyless Door handle and attempt to quiet the annoyingly loud beeping when punching the keypad and during the locking cycle.

    I show you where the small piezoelectric speaker is located and how to disassemble it. I decided to use a few layers of Gorilla Tape to do the job.

    Disclaimer: Doing what I show in the video may void your warranty.

    I’ve also found out from a YouTube commenter @jking1224 that holding the 1 key down for a few seconds will disable and reenable the beeping.

    See My RV Lock Installation and Review Post and Video – https://buff.ly/2Fzcf12


    I know this was covered in you youtube video comments. If you have a V4 RV lock if you hold down the #1 button for 3 seconds the beeps are disabled, if you want them enabled hold down the #1 button for 3 seconds again.  Unfortunately this doesn’t work for the baggage locks or the previous V3 locks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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