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    Just got my RV (fiver) insurance renewal notice in the mail and they want $823.00 for the year and it will be in storage now for 6 months. Who do you use to insure you RV?  Is $823.00 good or bad?




    Did you ever get an answer to this?  Just new to the game and will be going to our insurer soon so would like to know what the range is.




    I believe ours is in this ball park range. $700-800 our trailer is a little less expensive to replace, than Bob’s but we have extra insurance added for all the camera and computer gear we carry and also each have personal liability insurance attached since we don’t have a house to put that on.


    In Canada, we use AVIVA for RV Insurance and Contents Coverage.  We have electronics, camera gear and hubby’s tools also.  We are full time, so they charge a 25% surcharge on top.  For the year, it runs $500 plus.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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