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    RV Checklists:

    Hello fellow Rv’ers. I know all of us are interested in saving money, so one of the best ways I’ve found to do this is not to spend it when you don’t want to. What I’m getting at is this: .make an easy and effective departure checklist. We all experiment by trial and discovery so here is my take on a great and easy-to-follow checklist.

    1. I don’t put any routine maint. items on it (like checking tire pressures, oil level, etc.) These are done at different times throughout our trips and not always at the departure time…so I decided not to include them.

    2. I don’t use the ”templates” that are on some web sites because not all the items pertain to our motorhome.

    3. I try to keep the list limited to between 20 or 30 items max. I don’t think many people want to begin by reviewing a daunting list of things to check…and things like ”lower jacks”. I think most of us would remember this anyway. Lastly, if this list is too long- you might be discouraged from using it, or reading off each item.

    4. I use a blank Microsoft Word document and write it in big font letters using bullits and a separate line for each item to be checked.

    5. I keep the list in a clear notebook sleeve and put it on the driver’s seat as soon as we set up camp. It stays there until I read it off as we leave. In this way I don’t find it necessary to hang keys, colored tape or other reminders to the antenna crank, etc. You probably won’t need to do these things if you just follow your carefully created checklist.

    What I hate to see is people who depart without doing something critical to the health of their rigs and themselves. I’ve witnessed people departing and not locking the fifth wheel king pin as an example. If someone would like me to make a checklist for them I would be more than happy to do so. All I would need is the make/year/model of your rig. I’ve been rv’ing for almost 16 years and I’ve never spent money on something I should have checked.

    Happy camping,

    Drew and Laurie

    James Wells

    Thanks a lot, I am in the process of making my own checklist and I need all the help I can get….


    Hey James, If you need some ideas, our depart list is published on Love Your RV


    Cheers Ray

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