RV Bathroom Cabinet Upgrades

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    In this video, I upgrade the RV bathroom cabinet door hardware and install an extra shelf into the medicine cabinet area.

    I swap out the free swinging OEM hinges for a stiffer auto close type and change the existing friction roller latches to magnetic.

    This mod will help the doors better stay closed during travel and keep them from swinging closed or open when camped a little off level.

    I also add a plastic tray shelf to a dead space area inside the medicine cabinet to better organize my items.

    More of my summer repairs and upgrades series. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp14lzXh07ula6URG9zE0Rtjqio8f8DTa

    Stephen C Keller

    Great idea on hinges and magnets. Thing I will change mine out. May change hinges on all my cabinets at least. Thanks again for the idea  :yes:

    Eddie & Aileen

    Nice job Ray! We did this also on our 5er, replace the RV “Junk”!!!

    Happy Trails…Pal!!!

    Jim Streeter

    Great Job Ray, I cut wood strips that go in front of my wife’s cabinet shelf’s that she puts in when we are traveling so when we get to our destination and she opens the door the items do not fall out.  Then once there she takes the strips out and stores them on top of the cabinet. Jim


    Looks good. I like the idea of adding a plastic tray in the cabinet.


    [quote quote=48597]Looks good. I like the idea of adding a plastic tray in the cabinet. [/quote]

    Yeah, should have thought of it earlier, great place for pill bottles and lightweight stuff utilizing previous dead space.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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