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    Howdy campers! Just installed two “mushroom” roof attic vents on our fiver for ventilation and keeping the moisture down in the winter. We full-time and its a constant fight to prevent moisture build-up inside your RV home.
    Just installed with standard EPDM rubber roof Dicor SL, SS-screws, and putty tape. At the end I put some silicone adhesive on the top screw and one edge to keep top from popping off down the road. Also painted vent with UV clear Fuzion paint before installs for extended service life.
    They should remove some of the heat and moisture up there.
    Happy Trails!! Eddie @eddie
    P.S. There is more room up in your attic than you think!

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    Did this help with condensation? We are living full time in our RV in Pennsylvaniawhile building and we are having major issues with moisture in the attic above the insulation.  It then drips down through the vents and light fixtures.😬 I run the dehumidifier a few times a week and the windows are covered with film. We use both electric and propane heaters depending on the outside temperature.  We have a 2006 Keystone Cougar 294RLS. We are managing the interior moisture fairly well but I’m concerned about the attic moisture. Thanks!



    @eddie installed them to battle moisture during Wyoming winters. His rig is still going strong years later.

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    Interesting, Thanks  :Big-Grin:


    Ray is correct, thay have helped keeping the moisture out of our roof space. We have been testing again here in eastern North Carolina with all this stinking cold & snowy weather that came in from up north.:Cold:

    Ray we need to get on the “Dusty Trail” and get the heck out of here!!!!:Scared:

    Happy Trails!!!:bye:




Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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