Roof leak

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    I have a keystone 311bhs , a sprinter bunkhouse, it has the outside kitchen also, I have a water leak somewhere in the rear passenger corner of the roof, dicor sealant looks fine, no holes. I am out of ideas, I need some ideas from the masters on here, .in the roof corner a 6″ x 12″ area is soft, I can see water dripping out the bottom of the trailer after it rains, no intrusion inside yet. Help?

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    Hi Mike.  After trying to find a leak in my RV from day one when it was new , Months taking to the dealer  they never found it.   Then what I found was no gaskets under the side marker lights.  Bingo that was it, to bad it made so much damage before I found it . So I would ck anything added to the sides also.   Hope that helps .   Paul



    Thanks will check, but it did not start leaking till last year, and its a 2011



    Mike ,   Could be its been leaking for some time.    On mine the screws were so bad from the leak

    that some were even rusted right off.   Paul



    Are you talking about the screws under the moulding that holds the corner and side rain gutter on?


    Hi Mike .   Yep your going to have to ck every place they put a screw / hole in the top and side . My last leak I had last spring when the snow started to melt ended up being the roof air conditioner bolts were loose , not pulling the gasket tight to the roof. So like I said ,got to ck every were.  And yes post some PICs if you can that might help!  Paul


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    I will get some pics, today I gutted the outside kitchen which was quite a job. I cut out the rotten wood that was under there. I am not going to replace it until I am sure the leak is stopped. It is still in the drying out process I guess you could say. Good news is the main structure was not destroyed. Its supposed to rain here Monday night. I will lay dry paper towels back there and see.


    Hi Mike ,   Sometimes you just got to tear in to it to figure out what’s gone wrong !   So keep at it you’ll find it .    Glad you found no structure damage .  Some Pics would be nice .   Two thumbs up .


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