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    wondering if we may have made a mistake with the residential frig.

    first- we have 2016 gateway  so batteries are 1st year  2-12volt deep cell

    we also freeze gallon jugs of water and keep in freezer and frig

    last fall spent 3 days in the adirondacks at a state park. first night was fine batteries where down next morn but generator started. charged batteries left frig off all day, returned later in day ran generator and frig for        1 1/2 hrs batteries were fully charged. turned on maintainer when we went to bed. woke to maintainer off not enough battery to start generator.

    would switching to 4- 6volt deep cell do trick or just add another 12 volt and seperate generator .   what are everyones thoughts ?



    wife and i like your site ray, thanks for info


    I would second what Ray suggested. @eddie can help out some way.



    Call 2523416779 I tell you how we are doing with our frig.


    Sorry, but what is a “maintainer”? I’m not familiar with the term…


    Never heard of it?


    [quote quote=44660]Never heard of it?


    Neither had I. That’s why I asked. The original post had the term and I was wondering if he was referring to the converter. If so, that would be the problem…


    hi richard

    have you seen the coolers that you plug into your cigarette lighter.  same idea

    all it does is help it stay cold longer  wont make it cold  also see your from fairbanks i have family living there


    just read your entire ?   on ours we have an inverter just for fridge outlet. it works, just draws so much that 2 twelve volt deep cell wont last long enough  emailed eddie  says i need more battery bank    but also better charger than what heartland installs

    i see ur from fairbanks i have family that lives there

    joe and cindy


    I was just wondering what a “maintainer” was and thought that maybe it was the converter that was being left on. I was also going to suggest installing a Trimetric monitor as knowing quantitatively how much current is going in/out of your batteries seems to be a great first step. Then you’ll know how much you really need and also find out if the supplied converter is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

    Family in Fairbanks. How long have they’ve been here? I came as a grad student and ended up retiring from the university. Sounds like I’ve been here too long…


    thats what eddie was saying   it came to me as i was typing that i was depending on a cheap voltage monitor and not amperage.   great uncle moved there became a bush pilot and married a local. my aunt and her husband moved there out of college and they just retired in the last 5 years, she was grade school teacher. my uncle lived there 3o years he passed a few years ago



    Hi Joe,

    We have residential frig, but since I am working still, we don’t get to do any boondocking yet.   I have Victron battery monitor, and from what I can tell you need about 200 to 230 AH for the frig.  So you need four 12 Volts batteries or four 6 Volts batteries.  Or you could go with one Lithium 300 AH battery.  Gone with Winns, just put  a new video out to explain the Lithium vs AGM.

    You are going to need the run the generator or install solar.  I think for Solar you need at least 400 Watts, and the more the better.

    My Solar install is at

    My Lithium batteries from Chevy Volt blog is



    thanks for the info john the videos where very helpful

    we’re still working also will be 3 years before we head out for good also

    having trouble spending money now on solar. We live in central NY and as much as they say it works here, I don’t see it

    will start saving now for solar, for when we head to southwest for longer stints


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