Replacing Expired RV LP Gas Detector

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    In this video, I replace my expiring Atwood 2001 ProTECHTor LP Gas Detector alarm with a new one. The old model wasn’t available so I install a newer version.

    I explain my installation and hookup and the perform a demo test. According to the manual, the RV LP gas detector should be replaced every 7 years -/+ 128 days. After that time they aren’t guaranteed to be trustworthy. The new model has a stated lifespan of 84 months.

    See my Big Buddy Heater Install links:
    Hooking Big Buddy to RV Gas Line –
    Installing Gas Shut Off Valve –

    Products mentioned in the video:
    Atwood LP Gas Detector –
    Big Buddy Heater –
    Bernzomatic Butane Torch –

    Eddie & Aileen

    I need to get one for the new Mobile Homestead, looks like a good one.:good:

    Happy Trails!!!


    We recently had to replace ours and it wasn’t outed yet. Your right Ray, there not cheap.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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