Replaced My Old 30 LB Propane Cylinders

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    In this video, I explain why I just went out and bought two brand new 30 lb LP gas cylinders to replace the 10-year-old OEM ones in my 2011 Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer.

    Most 30 lb DOT propane cylinders these days need to be recertified every ten or twelve years. (Note: 2 years ago the USA went to ten years, then several months later it was changed back – Canada is ten years)

    As far as I know recertification costs anywhere from 5-40 dollars depending on where it’s done and how detailed the job. It’s then usually good for another five years of use. It has to be done by an authorized propane tech or service.

    From what I’ve gathered through feedback in my YouTube video’s comment section things can vary wildly from state to state and province to province so best to check with local propane professional in your area.

    Personally, I decided to spring for new ones instead so I would have all new hardware and valves. We use our propane system a lot, and I prefer to err on the side of safety. The new cylinders cost me about $70 each, so not a whole lot when prorated over ten years.

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