Repairing My Dead RV Power Awning

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    See Blog Post –

    In this video, I figure out and repair the problem that caused my Dometic 9100 RV power awning to stop working.

    Turns out the switch contacts became dirty enough to cut off power to the motor. I disassemble the 12 volts 40 amp switch, clean the contacts with a fiberglass burnishing pen renew the dielectric grease, reinstall and test. Problem solved.

    Eddie & Aileen

    Good job Ray! Years of working with electronics comes in handy. You know your old school when we tare apart a switch to fix it instead of swapping out the part. I had to clean contacts on T-stats, relays, and contactors on HVAC systems all the time back on the banks of NC.

    Happy Trails…Pal!!! :good:


    Nice! I have the same awning and my switches are right by the door where the air blows through the screen. If mine ever starts acting up, I know right where to start looking!  :good:

    Christine Cain

    Not so much a reply as another note on power awnings:

    :negative: :negative: I have a 2015 Forest River TT with the power awning feature. Unfortunately it gave out with very little warning. With a little help from a great friend we tore it apart and discovered everything was rusted, including the motor brushes! 2yrs, seriously! Can someone say “design flaw“!

    Just wanted to give other owners a heads up – keep an eye on Solera power awnings that may not be weather proof.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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