Repairing Cracked RV Waste Tanks with Plasti-Mend

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    See previous video and full blog post:
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    In this video, I show how I fixed a couple small cracks in my RV black and grey waste tanks with a product called Plasti-Mend.

    Plasti-Mend is an ABS plastic chemical welding solution for repairing waste tanks and many other items.
    See the FAQ –

    How does Plasti-Mend work?

    Plasti-Mend is a specially formulated mix of solvents and plastic resins. When applied to an ABS plastic, it begins melting the plastic it is applied to. It starts to dry on the surface or “skims over”, slowing the evaporation of the solvents and allowing the new plastic to continue melting into the plastic it is applied to. Application of additional coats enhances this process as well as building up a thicker supporting layer of new plastic. As it continues to dry the new layer of plastic is effectively bonded to the melted plastic it was applied to. This process melts the plastic it is applied to back together. It also provides a new supporting layer of plastic that is melted together with the plastic it is applied to. This creates a repair that is stronger than the original item.

    How is this different from epoxies and other adhesives?

    Other adhesives stick to the plastic but do not melt into and bond with the plastic they are applied to. These will sometimes effectively “plug up” the hole but they can lose adhesion and separate, causing failure. The only two sure methods of repair are thermal welding and chemical welding such as provided by Plasti-mend. Both of these methods melt the plastic back together. Other adhesives do not.

    Products used:

    Plasti-Mend regular repair kit –

    Organic Vapor Mask –

    Stephen C Keller

    Thanks Ray, Hope it works out great. Does look like the cats meow for the tanks.

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