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    It occurred to me while posting to Trip Reports that it might be worth mentioning that Reno, NV has surprisingly few RV parks.  One of the bigger ones is at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.  Not particularly pretty but very functional and prices aren’t bad especially considering they give discounts (and always ask if you qualify).  I can’t remember them all but Veterans and Enlisted get a 30% if I recall correctly.  Prices vary by type of site.  I can give you more information if you are interested.  What is really cool (in terms of appealing to all) is across the street from the casino is a mega Walmart with free dry camping.

    Another tip, if you find yourself north of Reno on Highway 395 in a heavy wind (as I did today), the worst stretch will be south of Doyle.  You can take the Constancia road that hugs the mountains on the west.  It is a paved two lane that services some ranches with no traffic (at all).  It is a little slower and longer but much nicer than fighting the wind.

    There is also a nice BLM boondocking campground east of Doyle in the Fort Sage Mountains.  Let me know if you might visit it as there is a cool labyrinth there.

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