Recent repair on Atwood hot water heater


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    Terry McDonald

    Ever since I got my used Glendale Titanium (2005 28E33DS), The hot water was flakey.

    Reading various RV posts told me I had a dreaded mixing valve problem. After recovering from dealer sticker shock, I got a valve on Ebay and went to work.

    In the basement, I removed the wall panels and exposed the mixing valve. It was too cramped to remove the valve, so I removed the hot water heater from the outside.  Removed door, drained tank, removed screws (two different lengths with no pattern), shut off propane, disconnected the flare gas line, and carefully pried the sealing tape loose from the edges.

    The unit slid out easily and had plenty of extra slack for the electrical wires.  The hot water outlet and cold water inlet were removed first from inside the basement. See pictures. The ones that start with DSC are what the hot water heater looks from the outside, otherwise the should be looked at in numeric sequence.

    The replacement valve was slightly different than the original but a threaded coupling made it work.  I reinstalled the hoses for the winter bypass valve and reinstalled.

    I was lazy and tried to reuse the existing hoses and that was a screw up as they leaked, badly. Drain and remove tank again, Replaced bypass hoses with new hoses (and re-routed the existing hot and cold lines to clean up the looks of everything, originally the factory had just taken big loops of hose and forced it into the existing space) and reinstalled everything again.

    It works like it is supposed to and the we’re happy (no more cold showers or greasy dishes).

    In the process I discovered one of my heat ducts was just stuffed into a hole in the basement floor to supply heat to the grey and black tank area. What a kludge!

    That is another future project.

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    Terry McDonald

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