Received our new toy…

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    Well it’s in since last friday, still full of stickers everywhere…

    North Point 377RLBH

    We realized that a floor plan with some sort of area for the kid and also for us to work from will be way better.

    So here it is, those are the pictures of the dealer but that is our trailer…… Check the pictures here

    Already started to work on it, we changed the faucets to install some that are higher, I removed all the Generator preparation and the gasoline tank in the front compartment to be able to put the batteries, charger, solar and so on.

    It’s big but our 1 ton with the 19’5 tires handle that really well, the Mooryde system also help a lot.

    Ben already found is quarter in the loft he loves it.

    We removed the bunk bed in the office room, it’s useless except if you are 4ft… and it keep the window shaded and worst of the worst I hit my head on it every time I try to seat on the couch.

    Still with the bedroom, loft, office and back couch we could potentially sleep 7….



    looks nice.. I like the table setup with the moveable chairs.


    oh and if you think that the inside is better on a more expensive one……. nope….


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    Kim Anderson

    I think it’s called a retirement puzzle, gives us something to do in out spare time. Like a Maze


    Well at least looks like 🙂 Blue is cold water and red is warm… the big grey hose is the small vacuum cleaner the rest…. is a work in progress.

    Eddie & Aileen


    The white wire hooks into the blue hose? :scratch:

    What the heck!?!?!?!???:wacko:

    Oh, well looks like the wiring in my Keystone! :unsure:

    Happy Trails!!! :bye:


    Looks like something Thor would do .


    You should see all the stuff I found… the best one I think I have enough of this plastic nuts that are use to join to cable. Somebody forget almost an entire bag of it… about 50 of them…all stacked at about the same place.

    I keep digging in case I found some more treasure

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