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    The Fullowkas

    Is one able to pick up a signal here to get internet?  :scratch:


    We have a Verizon MiFi and usually have no issues at Quartzsite.  During the RV Show in January some have found the service a little slower.


    The Fullowkas



    We had no problems using our Verizon Mifi, it actually was very fast picking up 4G service. Also many businesses in town have free WiFi, like the big laundry mat.

    The Fullowkas

    good to know


    last christmas we traveled from el paso to san antonio and back. then from el paso to los angles then up the 101 to san fran and the 5 back down then the 10 back to el paso. We had a t mobile hot spot, att hotspot and the verizon verison. Out of all of them verizon gave us like 95% connections threw out the travel. Att we had problems in some of the larger town and real slow service out in the boonies. Tmobile was a joke.  NOw why did we have all those thing a ma jigs you ask. Tmobile was out orginal carrier. cell phone and wifi . att is the service my father in  law has so we borrowed his hotspot. Verizon we got from a friend. AFter those trips we got back and handed father is att hotspot and said ty we wont need that anymore, called tmobile cancelled service and switched everything we have over to verizon.  We have cell, tablet and verizons verison of hotspot service now and everytime we need service we have gotten it. I am in the trucking buisness so i have to have internet service all the time for our drivers and verizon so far has been so great for us traveling in the southwest


    Agree, Verizon has be good to us! – Nancy :yahoo:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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