Propane Safety

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    Sherri Rabren

    We have a 2011 Crossroads Cruiser. Not new new but not old either. My husband and I don’t see eye to eye on some topics and it is usually up to me to do the research, some times I am right and some times he is right.

    So the question is….When running down the road do you leave your propane on for your refrigerator to keep your stuff from spoiling or do you shut it off and hope for the best until you get to your destination?

    Thanks in advance!


    We have never driven with LP gas on and have never had food spoil, but tend not to be in extreme heat either. I think it’s just one less thing to worry about.

    On the other hand, I know tons of RVers never turn the gas off and you don’t really hear of many problems.

    Here is the official line from our home province back in Canada –

    Sherri Rabren

    Thanks Ray!

    Slim Lundeen

    I have heard; and of course I don’t remember where, that leaving your refrigerator on while traveling helps to mix and atomize the cooling gases in the refrigeration system.  But I also know that some people are dead set against it.  The guy that I bought my first pop up with a reefer in it from says that he just gets it real cold at home, shuts and locks the door, and shuts it off.  Never had anything spoil according to what he said.

    Stephen C Keller

    You will see just as many answers for each side. Personally I never ran with the gas on, Guess I was always afraid of causing a fire and my luck would be just that. LOL We never lost anything in the fridge even after driving over 8 hours. Once it got cold it stayed that way since the door was never opened till we stopped and setup.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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