Propane Ovens & Condensation

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    We wonder if using the propane oven is causing any condensation issues for anyone?  It looks like whenever we use it, for a roast or ribs, that say take 2-3 hours on low, the place gathers moisture more than normal.

    We stay on top of moisture, by cracking a window, and running our fan a couple times a day. We also use the black bowls with dry-air in them to collect condensation.  But, when using the oven, it’s on all the windows, even next morning.


    Yes, propane creates water as it burns. Condensation issues are the biggest battle for spending the winter in BC. It’s so cool and damp, worse near the coast. Most RVs just aren’t designed for it. You definitely want to stay on top of it or you may get mold. Be sure to check hidden areas of the rig for it. Like behind furniture and cushions.

    Do you have a large vent fan like a Fantastic fan you can turn on highs speed to expel the moist air, especially after showering. Try to use as much electric heat (it’s drying) as you can and look into buying a small dehumidifier.

    Maybe someone with more winter RVing experience can chime in, I only know what we face during the fall and spring there.

    One of the reasons we like the southwest deserts in the winter so much is it is dead dry here, rarely see any sort of condensation even when cold.


    Hi Ray,

    You are so right.  We pull the mattress away from the wall, and insert a sun shade meant for vehicles, in between wall and mattress and also under, between mattress and plywood storage area.


    We do have a fan in the bathroom and over the stove, but the other vents are just vents.  Our AC/Furnace has the capability to run only the fan and circulate, so I’ve been trying that out.

    We have 2 small electric heaters that can run on low, 700w, and we run one in each end and then only the furnace at night, so the basement stays heated.  We did borrow a dehumidifier from a neighbour here in the RV park, and it took quite a bit of water out in 24 hours.  We are tight for space, only 26.5′ and one more appliance was something we just didn’t want to tote around.  So we have 3 Dri-Air containers, one sits in the closet by the bed, one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen.

    I’m on it all the time, if I see any moisture, out comes the cloth.  I am pleased our unit has no rot, no smell, no mold.  BUT, this propane oven thing had me baffled.  I only connected the dots this morning and that’s when I posted the question.  I thought, it just can’t be a coincidence.  So much we are always learning, about our new life!


    The desert sounds awesome!


    Sounds like you are doing all the right things. The larger vent fan is nice because it really can move a huge volume of air quick.

    Sham-wows are great, they really sop up the water. I usually stick a few behind our mattress where are heads are. Our breathing during the night creates moisture between the cold wall and mattress since there is very little insulation in the fiberglass front cap. The sham wows trap it pretty good.

    Good for the wiping windows too and after a shower use it to remove any water.


    Thanks for the tip of putting a sham-wow at the head of the bed, never thought of putting one there.



    We are gonna have to get some Reflectix for under the mattress … Love that idea! – Nancy


    Hi Bob and Nancy, you can also use thin foam board to place under, it you get the one without the foil on one side, it will actually breathe better.  We find that if the temps stay above 6 below C, it’s much better.  But when it drops below that to 7 below and 13 below, the moisture shows up, even with the dehumidifier running.  Good Luck, we are still learning all the time.


    “we are still learning all the time.” – Amen to that! :yes:

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