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    I setup this special forum for members that have a service, commercial website, eBooks,etc to promote.

    Here you may link to your product or service.


    Ray, is it acceptable to advertise a member RV for sale here?


    [quote quote=8888]Ray, is it acceptable to advertise a member RV for sale here?[/quote]

    Sure thing George. 🙂

    Jim & Loni

    Business on the road is good. Good enough so I can work on a new website (well, I’m not doing it, but it is getting done). And I have added a feature to my old website. Y0ou can now book an appointment on the site. This makes it much more manageable for my clients.

    Check it out here:

    Thanks for taking a look and feel free to pass the link on to folks you know that want to quit smoking, lose weight, overcome fears, become better at what they do, obtain peak performance in their lives. :yahoo:

    Scott Krupa

    Hi Fellow RVers,

    I would like to share my website

    RVwithME is the Airbnb version of house rental for RVers. Private landowners can list their property and host RVers. Other listings include storage for RVs as well as park model rentals or stationary RV rentals.

    As of 2015 there are over 1500 RV sites spread out across the country at 200 plus locations in Canada, USA and Mexico.

    Here is a short 99 second video to give you a quick rundown. Feel free to give me some feedback, we are adjusting the site regularly to fit the needs of RVers. ~ Scott



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