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    Kent V. W.

    Mike asked about my little portable table saw so here it is.

    I have really just wanted to be able to make a few things size specific to my rig like the end table and some better “crates” for storage and pantry. It’s not meant for heavy use but does a great job on 1x material and plywood. All the materials came from Home Depot. -Including the 1/2 inch Oak used for the fence and miter gauge.

    I used a router and made a recess the exact size of the saw base plate and blade set square to the face. This allowed for more blade depth too. The saw is held in place with three brackets cut from the same 1/8 x 3/4 bar stock used for the miter gauge. I used a router to cut the channel for the miter gauge as well.

    The only part that wasn’t made with either hand tools or portable power tools was that I welded the 1/4-20 studs for the miter gauge to a piece of bar stock.

    It was a pretty cheap little project to make. It’s light and takes up little room. Too, I got a scream’n deal from ACE Hardware on the pair of little saw horses for something like $14.95.

    Mike and Lesia

    That is so cool, very impressive. Is this an original idea, or did you have plans from somewhere?  How well does the work slide across the table?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kent V. W.

    The idea was original.. But I wonder how many ideas are actually original. Few I think. For me anyway a mishmash of saw this here and saw that there..

    I put a couple coats of a poly varnish on it so material slides pretty well.

    After I made it I noticed YouTuber “Izzy Swan” has a 5-minute table saw build. The guy makes some great jigs and other things.

    Had I not had time on my hands I would never have put the effort in and would have just made a simple fence that would C-Clamp square to the face and blade. I would have used a strip of oak for the miter gauge rather than steel and just epoxied some 1/4″ studs in


    Looks good. I laso have a portable table saw though I bought it. It’s a Royobi 10inch.


    Looks very simple yet useful design, Kent. Nice

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