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    I have a question- can my dogs travel in a 5th wheel travel trailer while running down the road? My concerns are will it be too warm/cold? Can you run your generator if you are going down the road and it is really hot? Can you open windows so that there is ventilation when going down the road?

    I think traveling with 2 dogs in a pick up will be a bit much, Maybe 1 at a time, but 2 I don’t know. Does anyone else travel and with there pets in the truck and how does it go?


    Hi Melody, welcome! We traveled with our two beagles and starting out we had an idea to put them in the fifth wheel in kennels but that lasted for only one stint, when we opened the door we found two very stressed out dogs frantic to get out. I think there was quite a bit of movement and vibrations back there.
    Much more than an average vehicle.
    We ended up putting them in the rear of our truck cab. It has a fold down seat and we got a custom made piece of foam and wrapped it with vinyl so it was a large flat bed area.


    I only have one, but I agree with Ray.  It’s probably like an earthquake back there and you aren’t there to comfort them.

    If you can put them in the back with their blankee, they’ll learn to sleep the whole time…well, except when they gotta pee!

    Chewbacca has a car seat, so he can see out.  Unless we are in town and going slow, he sleeps.  Gets up, turns around, goes back to sleep.  In town he looks around some.  Never have any trouble out of him.  Most dogs I’ve had have been the same way.



    Thanks for idea of a car seat! where did you get it? Our blue heeler probably won’t need a car seat but, our min pin will. Pepper, our blue heeler is still young just a year old, and I am hoping by the time we get ready to go full time, he will be a little less “puppy”. He has the energy of 10 dogs.  Duchess, our min pin, is an older dog and travels well in the car, likes to lay in the back window.

    I will also take Ray’s idea of making a bed in the back.




    Thanks for the advice, I never really thought about the vibrations. And as for the bed, my dad made one for us kids in the back seat of our 68 ford when we went traveling. I think he just took a board and put two legs on the front so and then it rested on the back seat, gave us the room about the size of  a twin bed! We mostly did all our “long” trips at night. Ahh good memories.

    So far my experience in this “club” has been so good. Hopefully in a year or two, I will be the one giving advice to newbies. 🙂




    You mentioned in your post open a window. For ventilation. First when i had a 5th wheel we ran with the generator on alot and never had an issues. No one ever told us to turn it off, we usually ran the a/c so it wouldn’t become a hot box when we got to our destination.

    As for having a window open. We had our 5th wheel pulled by the dealer from Indiana to New Mexico for delivery for us. Someone had opened a window in the bedroom. When we went to pick it up, the curtain rods were tore from the wall and so were the mini blinds. I wouldn’t advise having a window open. The only luck i have had is having a roof vent open but i had those roof vents covers installed. I would run down the road with the vents open unless you have those covers



    Thanks for the info and for sharing your experience in leaving a window open. that will be something I will check before hitting the road.

    As for the leaving the generator on when running down the road, I know that you can do that in motor home, but am worried about leaving a generator on when I am not “around”, you know, where you can’t see where there might be fire, smell if there is smoke or hear what the generator is doing. Just things I am pondering



    Hi Melody,

    I once travelled in our TT as I had a headache and wanted to lie down on the bed. I lasted 15 minutes!! It is incredibly noisy in there as everything moves around not to mention the vibrations. A trailer doesn’t have the same shocks as a vehicle and you feel every bump and line in the road. I kept my cat there in with me as we had been stopped and I thought she would enjoy it more than the car ride, boy was I wrong!! She was terrified and like Ray’s dogs, very stressed and frantic. We have an SUV so our dogs stay in the back but friends of ours have TWO Great Danes AND a Shar-Pei that have the whole back seat of the truck to themselves and are very comfy! The rear seat in their truck folds flat so they have no issues.

    Happy travelling 🙂



    Hey Mel,

    How big is Duchess, size/wt?  Chewbacca weighs about 7 pounds and he JUST fits that seat.  The one I have in the car now would probably work as it is canvas and much deeper.  Here’s a look at both of them.

    RV one: (I don’t use that teeny little bowl thingy.  We’re not on the road long enough to eat and we stop to pee and get a drink.)


    Car one: (looks like this one)

    Hope that helps!

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