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    When I started full-timing it was literally pick-up RV in the morning and was a full time nomad in the afternoon. My pantry was organized with paper ream box tops and assorted odds and ends of plastic containers.

    To put my “Mobile Maker” mobile shop to the test I decided to put some better organization at the top of the list.

    I purchased two quarter sheets of plywood from the Orange box. – One was 1/2″ and the other 5mm. (Yes, even most of us Imperialist Yanks can figure out what “mm” means.)  I used my little homemade wooden table-saw for the rips and crosscuts.  Put them together with a bit of glue and some brads. (Remember old timey “brads”? Before air nailers came along?  They still sell them!!) :) … Gave them a couple coats of easy to clean up water-based Varathane.

    In being able to make these to size I was able to make full “wall to wall” use of two of the shelves and eight separate boxes to keep things easier to find in the whole mess.

    In figuring up material costs each mini crate was less than a buck to build. Like that part too.


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    Nice!  :good:

    RVHH Chief Cook and Bottle Washer -

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    Great idea. Makes me remember the peach crates from 50 years ago that peaches came in to the stores.


    That’s pretty much were the idea came from. Somewhere around 35 years ago I liberated a wooden orange crate from a trash bin… It served as a magazine box in my family room.


    Awesome idea Kent looks great. I might try something light that for my trailer 😊

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