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    Hi Folks;

    Managed to install my 3 panels today, but it took all day! I can see how paying for labour to do these installs could add up in a hurry. In any event, it all went very smooth, the time spent planning things out sure paid off. In addition the youtube folks and bloggers sure helped so a big thanks to all who invest there time to make me smarter 🙂 The install is standard I would say using stainless Z brackets, I also used butyl tape under each bracket and then lots of dicor lap sealant.

    Tomorrow I am installing the controller, remote panel, and breakers / wiring. Once the solar system is up and running I’m going to start the inverter and sub-panel  project. Oh, there is one thing not standard and in that I used 8AWG UL rated wire to connect everything, it was a real pain doing the MC4’s but everything is tight and should work fine. Measuring the panel output voltage at the controller with no load there appears to be only .1 V loss in the entire run.


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