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    I think solar panel prices will increase in the US soon because of the tariff put on the imports.  The 30% tariff seems excessive to me. I went ahead and bought panels, they are made here in the US, but I understand the cells are imported, so the tariff will apply.

    Might be worth checking in to if you’re on the verge of buying solar panels.


    I was thinking the same thing. Feb. 7th I believe when tariff goes into effect. I’m going to get mine ordered also.


    I’ve seen some evidence on of Chinese companies lowering prices per watt even further. The tariff is stupid.


    Welp between Orange tariffs and shipping cost, I bought in America. From a SoCal solar dealer selling 345-watt Longi panels for $175. 18 percent efficient (a cut above most Chinese panels. He wanted them out and as an added bonus, I have my KW of electricity. So now, I have my panels. Had to pull the trigger. Even gave me a little discount for my bad attitude, said he thought I had a great plan and the perseverance to get it done. They’re kinda big but they’ll fit someplace concealed when I’m not using them. With an opaque cloth covering them.

    Long g-d drive from Bay Area (mid peninsula) to the San Fernando Valley. Stopped and slept four hours in the bed of my truck, with the panels laying kinda on top of me. It must have looked weird AF. I didn’t break anything but it WAS a struggle to sleep . A little herbal medicine took care of that. :wacko:

    I found the panels using a Craigslist search I set up and saved. They’re in my back closet, taking up too much space but by golly by gum, we’re on our way. Maybe three years and we’ll be ready to charge into your camp and share the music. Or whatever. :D

    if you’re going to do it all yourself (like me), you can sure do worse. Craigslist is a pretty damned good place to look for panels. You have to be patient, aware and persistent. I just checked my saved search and there they were, photo and all, and I told the boss we’d have our kilowatt for only $500 in panels. Considering how much the batteries cost (don’t have those yet) it’ll be a bit before that happens. Might have to do pot delivery (yes, it’s done) and save that money for charge controller and inverter (both bought in the US) and the batteries (from China). I like MPPT and need it with these panels. But our computers, tv and music system will love the juice. Lights will be ALL LED, 3000K (incandescent color temp) indoors, 6k outdoors.

    The work begins…who knows when it will end?

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    For those interested in efficient panels, read this.

    Fascinating. Wonder when it’ll go commodity. Right now these panels seem to be unobtanium but that may change…maybe even before I die.

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