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    I’ve gone through most of the posts and links and no one discusses how to keep stuff where you put it.  How do you strap down the items in the pass through so it doesn’t bang around on the water pump and hydraulics?  How do you keep kitchen stuff in the kitchen?


    We utilize all different sizes of plastic bins and totes. In the basement I have several big ones for different type items. We also use them in cupboards and cabinets to organize items. Best to buy square ones as they stack and fit nicely. Also all of ours are clear so we can see what’s inside.

    Initially I get a tape measure and figure out the spacing and them armed with the dimensions I hit Walmart and other discount stores to find the right sized bins.

    Also the wire hanger type shelves are good for keeping items in place and help use higher up spaces.


    Thanks Ray.  Carol has been looking for an excuse to go shopping……she doesn’t really need an excuse, just a reason and sometimes not even that!


    haha, there you go 🙂

    Another tip for packing the trailer is try to keep heavier things in cupboards over the axles and not at the back. This can be harder in some layouts but it helps keep the heavier items from flying around.

    When we first started out we put a bunch of heavy books stowed in cupboards above the rear window at the very back of the rig. Well going down the road that’s where the biggest up down motion takes place, and our books would be everywhere and sometimes fly out of the cupboard. So now we keep them and other heavy items like cans and bottles in a pantry right over the axles, which is a pivot point so gets the less motion. and the back cupboard is for light things like towels and clothes, etc.

    Ron Curtis

    In the pass thru I use clear totes. Also some hooks for hanging some of the hardware up out of the way (rubber mallet, shepard hooks, scissor jack wrench, etc.). Ours had a fancy wall sort of thing shielding the water tank and pump which I have taken out and built a shelving unit over it and store clear totes there also. In the TT we have modified those roll around 3 drawar type plastic containers to put our clothing in. We’ve removed the wheels and if the unit is too tall for where we need it, we simply remove one. They easily come apart in sections and then we use the top one for finishing up the re-assembly. With the kitchen area we have used a kitchen sink dish drying basket and put it in the cupboard to hold what plates and cups it will. Also for breakable items we have cut those pool noodles to fit where needed to keep things safe and also to keep things from moving towards the doors and falling out.


    Thanks Ron & Ray.  Great input.  I have a couple of stretch cargo nets that I use on the ATV’s so I might play around with using those in the pass through to hold stuff in place along with plastic bins.  This is going to be a bit of a learning curve – hope I don’t break too much stuff before we get it figured out 🙂

    Eddie & Aileen

    Hi Ron, Can’t say we are “newbies” but can alwase learn somthing new every day RVing. We also took out the wall in our pass-thru storage covering the water pump and gained lots of extra storage for the smalls leving room for the bulker items to fit in center of pass-thru.

    Ray, Its no fun having a tail-dragger going down hill on a 6-percent grade! It can build up a pretty big “Pucker Factor”!!HA!!Ha!!


    If you are on Pinterest there are a ton of ideas and websites, even look for small kitchens or apartments.
    I love the Dollar Store for small bins, wire baskets and other organizing stuff! – Nancy :good:


    our class a doesn’t have a decent place for the sewer hose so i went to lowes bought pvc pipe, put an end cap on one end and a screw cap on the other. I didn’t glue any of the ends it is more of a matter of choice. My tools are in a special tools box in one storage with extra filters. Our lawn chairs i mounted up right by screwing a hook in a wall and then bungee cording them to the wall. Also have clear storage containers to hold loose small items. In the kitchen wife went to plastic drinking cups instead of glass and as for the pots and pans and dishes, she spent the time to cut those rubber mats to place between each pot and pan and between each dish. The rattling is real important to use since we are in a class a versus a trailer so we hear everything. As for loose items we went to camping world and bought those wooden dividers on a spring and placed in the drawers to hold things in their space. We  tried using those hooks and stuff that stick instead of screw in and haven’t had any luck with those. Being from EL Paso it gets so hot the glue doesn’t stick to well after a month. I have seen  someone use a small hammock hanging in their storage to place items in. I had one for our boat we had in the cabin and it worked well for holding sun tan oil and other items. I can’t remember where i bought it at. My advise would be measure your storage’s and head to lowes, home depot walmart  and look at all their storage items. Keep an open mind, You may find a shelf that could be altered to fit what you need. Another good place to look for be a goodwill store or some type of dollar store


    Harbor Freight has scads of good storage options CHEEP too!  Also Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Big Lots and Family Dollar.  Like James said (tho I hate to agree with him) Keep an open mind about you could use/repurpose things made for other intents.

    And I didn’t know those drawer thingees came apart!!  Woo Hoo!!  I’m off to measure!


    Gail Joyner

    I use a bungee cord to keep larger bottles (like soda) in the fridge from rolling around, just hook the bungee ends on the edge of the shelf and stretch it across to the opposite side of the fridge, it depends on how your fridge is configured.  Also I like using the heavy strength velcro to attach small items to the counters.  Get the kind that you peel one side off and stick it to the surface you want to put your item like a salt/pepper shaker.  The other end of the velcro sticks to the item with the velcro side away from the item’s surface.  Match the two velcro sides together by placing the item you want stuck to the surface you want it to stay on.


    Thanks for your question, Terry and Carol. I’m learning sooo much! :yes:


    I use cloth bags made from polar fleece or quilted fabric to put anything that could more, rub or rattle in. Like pots & pans, toaster, etc.  My teapot & coffee pot go into the cosy when traveling. Things don’t move around much and if they do don’t leave a mark. Bags take up less room than plastic boxes. If you use different colours/fabric you can tell at a glance what is missing.


    Ooooooh, I love this idea. I’m going to have to do some sewing. I wrap things now with those rubber shelf liners. But cloth bags in different colors will help with the “what size thingy is for what!!!?????” -Nancy

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