Packing the fridge for travel

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    Rob Church

    Hi all, hope its okay to link to my own blog from here. I recently posted about an interesting accessory that you may find handy also. Essentially its a small bungee cord with suction cups at each end. May be quite useful for packing your fridge during travel.

    I have not used them yet but do intend on ordering a few to try out. Will definitely share how they work once I get them installed and a few trips completed.

    Read more Packing the fridge for travel here.


    Yes, all members are free to link to their blogs. 🙂  Looks like a neat idea, let us know how they perform.


    Yes, I would like to know how they work ,too. I don’t have much faith in suction cups!
    – Nancy :unsure:

    Rob Church

    I’m with you Nancy however have you seen how glazier’s lift big sheets of glass into place? Given the right conditions the suction cup can be pretty effective. Will definitely try these out for a  few bucks.


    Nothing to loose other than cleaning up some spilled potato salad. <yum>


    I own a Dance Studio and have had to have my Huge Mirrors moved on occasion. It is very impressive how those big suction things work!! In the shower we do use suction hooks to hold very light things like mesh loofahs. After awhile they need to be put back up! But in the fridge they just help hold things back so they might be fine, we use tension rods. – Nancy

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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